Programs For Women

Services for Women Charged with a Crime

Women’s Defense Team

Eligibility: First time female offenders who are low-risk and in need of supportive services for sustainable success and prevention of further criminal justice involvement. Does not include supervision. Program description: Women receive services on a voluntary basis from a social worker and case manager. Team works alongside the Public Defender or private counsel before and after sentencing. Attorney also available to assist with civil needs. Contact: 918-519-9766

DOC Female Offender Diversion Program

Eligibility: Non-violent female offenders with or without a prior felony conviction. Program Description: Women referred to the program remain in the community and are required to attend counseling and outpatient drug and substance abuse treatment. Financial assistance is available to meet transportation, living, and medical expenses. Program includes intensive supervision and regular home visits. Contact 405-425-7006

Women in Recovery

Eligibility: Prison bound women with drug/substance abuse problems. Program Description: Women accepted into the program live in approved housing, submit to 24/7 monitoring/supervision, participate in daily trauma and substance abuse therapy (group and individual), meet educational requirements, attend life skills classes and are required to be employed after Phase 1. Contact: 918-947-4200

Community Sentencing

Eligibility: Open to both men and women nonviolent offenders with one or more felony convictions and a LSI score of 19 or above. Individuals with a mental health condition are eligible with any LSI score. Program Description: Treatment and supervision plans are individualized to the offender. Participants are required to attend substance abuse, mental health and/or Cogitative Behavioral treatment to address criminogenic behaviors. Contact: 918-581-2544

Drug/DUI Court

Eligibility: Non-violent men and women with substance abuse addiction. Defendants charged with trafficking or who have a conviction for a violent offense in the last 10 years are not eligible. Program Description: Regular and random drug testing, frequent court appearances, group and individual counseling, and regular supervision appointments.  Contact: 918-588-8404

Mental Health Court

Eligibility: Non-violent women and men who have a qualifying mental illness and/or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorder. Program Description: Individualized treatment programs which include but are not limited to regular court appearances, random drug testing, group and/or individual counseling, and supervision. Contact: 918-588-8413

Veterans’ Treatment Court
Eligibility: Women and men charged with misdemeanors or felonies who have served or are currently service in any branch of the US Military and have either a substance abuse and/or mental health issue. Program Description: Individualized treatment programs which include but are not limited to regular and random drug testing, frequent court appearances, and group and/or individual counseling. Contact: 918-588-8407

Transition from Prison

Wings of Freedom (918) 584-8879

Generally intended for women and men exiting the Department of Corrections. “The difference between Wings of Freedom Sober Living Community and other sober living houses is the belief that true recovery, and the joy that accompanies it, can only be realized through Jesus Christ.” Residents must be able to give a clean urine analysis before entering the program.

Exodus House (918) 382-0905

Generally intended to assist women and men with re-integration from Department of Corrections. “Exodus House is a six-month temporary residential project. These are small apartment complexes where people newly released from prison can live with their families while they re-enter life successfully outside prison walls.”

Services for Women in Need

Family and Children’s Services For Information: 918-587-9471 For Crisis Services 918-744-4800  Family & Children’s Services is a leading provider of  behavioral health care and family services for people of all ages in Tulsa and surrounding communities. They provide 49 life-changing programs for adults and children in mental health, substance abuse and family services.

Mothers with 1 or more children

Circle of Care-Pearl’s Hope  (918)583-9506 provides housing and an array of support services for single mothers and their children. Most importantly, we assist in keeping families together. Because too many shelters cannot accommodate large families or boys over the age of 13, many families are forced to place their children with friends or relatives while mothers work to get back on their feet. Fortunately, the spacious living environment of the cottages at the Frances E. Willard Ministry Center allows us to accept families of most any size and children (boys and girls) up to age 18

Pregnant Mothers

Madonna House is a residential program which serves pregnant women ages 18 and above, without regard to race, religion or national origin, since 1986. Women are provided with 24-hour staff support and a multitude of services available to make a better life for mother and baby. There are no fees charged for the services provided. (918)585-5186

Single Mothers with 2 or more children

The Charles Page Family Village  (918)245-6592, formerly known as the Widow’s Colony, is a program designed to help single mothers get back on their feet.  The women are provided with house, all expenses paid, so that they can attend school and/or work to better their lives and the lives of their children. Single mothers with at least two children are eligible for services.  The program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, or religion.

Single mothers with children

Lindsey House  (918)933-5222 provides long-term shelter and supportive services to mothers caring for children. Our mission is to support these families as they transition from homelessness, learn important life skills, and regain the confidence to become self-sufficient.

A sober living programs for women

New Life Homes (Holly House)   (918)949-4476

St. Elizabeth Lodge (Catholic Charities)  (918)508-7141 for women who are working who have children

Tulsa Women and Children Resource Center  (918)430-0975

This is a twelve step based program for women with children or who are working towards gaining custody.  This program has a little or no income requirement.


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