Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense attorneys represent people charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. Our staff is led by Chief Public Defender Robert Nigh, who represented Timothy McVeigh and was a partner in the law firm of Clark &De Angelis prior to being asked to lead the Public Defender’s Office. Our criminal attorneys have tens of thousands of hours of experience in the courtroom arguing motions and conducting trials. We have more trial experience than any law firm in Oklahoma, and we measure our success in lives saved, freedom won, and rights protected.

We can only work on those cases which are appointed to us. For those unable to afford private counsel in Tulsa County, we are the only line of defense between the accused and the accusers. We take only those who are appointed to us, and we take all those who are appointed. That is, if a person cannot afford counsel and becomes our client, we represent the rights of that client no matter who they are, what they are charged with, the evidence against them, or how popular they might be in the community. Our duty is to the law and to our clients.

Ray Jordan Building
500 S. Denver Ave
Suite 300
Tulsa OK, 74103
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