Child Advocacy

The attorneys of the Child Advocacy Division of the Tulsa County Public Defender’s Office are appointed to represent minor children in domestic, guardianship and adoption cases.

Title O.S. 10A § 1-4-402(C) provides that if in any proceeding concerning child custody or visitation, the evidence indicates that a child has been subject to abuse or neglect, the court shall appoint an attorney to represent the child for that proceeding and any related proceedings.

Title 10 O.S.§ 7505-1.2 provides that the court shall appoint an attorney for a minor in a contested proceeding pursuant to the Oklahoma Adoption Code and may appoint an attorney for a child in an uncontested proceeding. Additionally, Tulsa County District Court rule PR 6 provides that independent legal counsel or an attorney of the County Indigent Defender’s Office shall be appointed for every child in a contested guardianship, contested or default adoption, or termination of parental rights matter.

The role of Child Advocacy Division attorneys is to advocate for the legal interests and expressed preferences of their clients. Child Advocacy attorneys should not be confused with Guardian Ad Litems, whose role is to advocate for the best interests of minor children.

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